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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Farewell to Kelowna

I have made a monumental decision: the next time I move (if ever), I will have packers. It's probably just wishful thinking, but it has been amazing to be at Tim and Lea's and see all the packing being done by other people! Because of Tim's job, this whole move is being paid for, including the taxes on a house purchase, real estate fees, and these marvelous packers. The stress of moving is greatly diminished when you don't have to spend weeks packing boxes. And then, on the other end, they will have unpackers, too! Of course, Tim and Lea will have to be more involved in deciding where things will go.
It is a sad thing to say good bye to this house. They have put so much work into it. When we first saw it, just two years ago, there was a poky little kitchen and a carport that now make up a large, bright kitchen/dining room with huge lakeview windows. They've built a big garage (to hold ATVs and snowmobiles), reconfigured the driveway, and redone the bathrooms. And now, it's time to go.

I know that there have been wonderful new relationships here, too. Lea has a way of touching people that I have rarely seen in anyone else. She has definitely made a mark in Kelowna. And the kids have made such great friends - it will be a challenge to start in a new school.

Farewell, Kelowna. I wonder what new adventures await the family as they move on? Whatever the case, I know that lives will be touched as Tim applies his personal flair to a challenging job, and Lea does her amazing thing with everyone she meets.

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