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Friday, February 6, 2009

Virtual Visit

This one's for the boys in San Diego - land of sunshine and warmth, and temporary home to Big Bear (cute name, eh?) on a training course.
It's important to know a little about Canada, the land to the north, and your greatest ally. And even though you must always buy American, we are a significant trading partner and produce some pretty good stuff.
Although much of our country is covered in cold, white snow for much of the winter, many people around the world mistakenly think that we live in igloos and drive dogsleds. Not true.
Just look at this picture of our street, taken in the middle of the summer. No igloos, and no dogsleds.

Just kidding. It was taken in December during our month-long reign of snow terror.

Normally, winter on the west coast is a wet affair and is much milder than in the east. In February, we usually see the first flowers poking out of the ground.

Here are some shots taken around the city this winter.

OK, I admit that a few of them were taken from the air. Not by me.

Now, here's a look at the city in the summer. My favorite.

Notice all the ocean shots? Im kind of into that.

You may - or may not - have heard aboot the 2010 Winter Olympics that we are hosting. Next year! You might want to come and visit us for that, eh?

Bring your dogsled!

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