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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just Another Day...

I just met with my personal trainer. He's really quite cute, and is completely focused on me. What a guy. And he's always ready to work with me, whenever I want. I can be as spontaneous as I like. Wii Fit is wonderful!
It was a regular school day, here in the Great White North. And, by the way, my front lawn is almost not white anymore; we had a very mild day, just right for melting the snow. Who knows, the enormous pile in the school parking lot may be gone by... April!
Here are some moments from my day - the birthday celebration was for a teacher at school. We live for birthdays, and love coming in to find treats in the staff room!
I am completely in love with the Old Church, and am busy scheming ways to have dinner there. I'm particularly intrigued by the adjectives you used, Southern Ange - I had no idea NZ had been inhabited by church-building natives in the Medieval period. Or the Gothic, for that matter!
Anyway, you're seducing me with visions of Down Under. Ellen will not be impressed.


Jo said...

Ahh...traces of me in today's post.
I'm officially a photoshop disciple. Spent 2-3 hours figuring it all out today.

Southern Ange said...

A cunning plan, this seduction business! I'm happy to keep trying.......BTW we are sweltering in the heat today. Does endless summer, sunshine, and heat add to the lure? :-)

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