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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Imperfection: A Rant

I've just been reading Becky Higgin's blog. Becky is one of my scrapbooking gurus (along with Ali Edwards); I love her clean style, and her sketches for scrapbooking have been the best idea books in the world! So it was with joy that I discovered her blog last November. However, she is so very accommodating and always answers her readers' questions. A good quality, yes, but maybe too good. Many people want to see every detail of her home, and she willingly provides photos, explanations, and even paint colour names, so that her many fans can make their homes look exactly like Becky's.
I'm exceedingly irritated.
I like to think of my scrapbook gurus as artistic geniuses, who spend all their time and energy on designing, and whose homes are an afterthought. What gives any woman the right to be perfect in every way? Other than Mary Poppins, we really should be slightly limited. Becky, however, seems to have the perfect home, the perfect marriage, the perfect cute children, an extremely successful career, and on top of everything else, scrapbooks every detail of life. AND she travels!
I am embracing imperfection at my house. No baseboards in the kitchen and bathroom. Unfinished door frames. Old, icky carpet. Very dusty glass coffee table. Laundry piled up. Old kitchen cabinets and countertops. Cables running through the living room. (Sorry, no photos for you to examine)
Now that's real life!


Jo said...

No kidding huh. Ive been reading her blog too since you told me about it and her home is perfect with all these cute lil touches. Annoying

Jo said...

How you feeling by the way

Southern Ange said...

Yeah! Go Girl! I can relate to your house. It's at least achievable...

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