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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ode to the Northern foray

Ange, she had some little friends
They drove up north together;
They supped and talked and walked and laughed
And melted in the weather.

They brought along a ton of food
To help their fellow-townie
Adjust to life up in the wops -
Eu needed Tessa's brownie!

When all was gone and plates were bare
The ladies home did fly
With Paula driving like a jet
Whilst Kisma dreamt of pie.


Anonymous said...

Just remember ladies, Mrs B and Mrs M aren't there with you all eating our share, so your waist lines may not stay at the 60mm they are now!! Great to see the high food standard is being kept up. Miss you. Memory card on camera is full and haven't unpacked the download cord as yet.

Southern Ange said...

60mm??? Make that appointment with your optometrist...QUICK!

Mrs B and Mrs M, we were missing you SO much that we ATE FOR YOU, ON YOUR BEHALF! Now THAT is true dedication!

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