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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

LOVE is what gives the fabric of life its richest weave...
I don’t particularly buy into all the hype and commercialism of Valentine’s Day (though in my opinion, any excuse to indulge in chocolate is a valid one!).

But having a lie in till 11am (with the rain pelting down outside, a cuppa coffee beside me, and my warm snugly sheets pulled up around my shoulders) is quite conducive to musing about what is possibly the most crucial ingredient to do life well – LOVE! I don’t mean the mushy, meaningless, fleeting, media-driven concept of ‘love’, but rather the love that is fundamental to all we do, and are.

So today, I thought about those who have input love into my life.
I am sure my life is what it is,
because of the rich heritage of loving grandparents;
because of the endless dedication and sacrificial love of wonderful parents;
because of the ‘love of my life’ who is my ardent supporter and who regularly reassures me that I am beautiful to him;
because of the unreservedly generous and unassuming love of my precious boys;
because of the strong and unexplainable love that comes by virtue of being siblings and family; and
because of special friends who choose to share of themselves and travel life’s journey together with me.
But ultimately, the greatest experience of love comes from knowing the source of all love – Jesus Christ. Despite all my foibles, I have the amazing security of knowing that I am utterly loved with the purest of loves.

I am grateful for LOVE!


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