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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sticky Date Puddings and Gallivanting Around (Pt 3)

It is SO HOT and SO HUMID here!
Since Monday, we have been embroiled in terribly uncomfortable temperatures. On Monday night, we even reached 100% humidity, and 28degs C for our overnight low! What is even more amazing, is that Dunedin (yep, that cold, cold place in the Deepest Darkest South next door to Antarctica!) had 26degs C overnight. I hope the natives survived! We are barely hanging on here.I intensely dislike the feeling of turning into a huge, sticky, greasy, melted BLOB.
And it makes housework and cooking and all those other domesticated things seem even more arduous than normal. Which is not a good show when those types of activities are already not too high on my agenda of favourite things to do!!
Ange of the North, I’m almost ready to admit that I could go for a swim! It’s THAT HOT!!!
I wonder how the folks are coping with the heat in the ‘hotter’ areas of NZ…..such as Napier! (Did you like that link?!) So this brings me and my parboiled memory back to “Gallivanting around the Nth Island”. I think it’s about time to finish telling you about our time in Napier. Highlights were time spent with the family, meals outdoors in the dry, sunny climes. The boys swam to their hearts’ content. They thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Grandma’s ‘secret surprise’ card-making session, and got to use all Grandma’s exciting scrapbooking bits and bobs.

And they also loved going with Grandpa to his work at the “Faraday Centre”, a museum of collectables from days gone past. The museum is maintained by quite a number of retired or retiring engineers who love coming in to “work” on restoring antique machines, appliances, engines, etc.

These cheeky dudes were operating the telephone exchange. They noted the number of phones around the Centre, and whenever someone came near a phone, they would dial the number and make the phone ring....which inevitably, would make the person nearly jump outta their skin!

On this visit, Grandpa was able to put on a special show for the boys with a Tesla coil (which has about 600,000volts going thru the top of it!), and he also showed the boys inside an old arcade game that he is in the process of restoring. All very cool!

Speaking of 'cool'…..that reminds me that I am NOT !
I feel like a STICKY DATE PUD covered in molasses and steaming from being in a hot oven.
So here endeth today's post. Time to go and find some COOOOOL.
Now some of that SNOW would be nice……

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