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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whilst cherubs nap...

I was just thinking that I should write the next saga about "Gallivanting around the Nth Island" since I really haven't gotten very far at all...but then, Dr Tea (as she is known) emailed me through a delightful little poem she had written whilst her cherub was asleep. I thought it too good not to include (and thus save myself some writing today!). Thanks Dr Tea!

Gracious does and gracious is

my friend, Ange-by-the-sea

She sympathises with my angst

Re the apostrophe

(see recent British news re the proposed demise of the use of the apostrophe!)


Ever happy to debate

The syntax that is right

The two of us can natter on

‘til almost mid-of-night


I told her of my inmost fears

And guilt, a mother’s load -

She laughed and sympathised as one

who’s further down the road


Reluctant to speak of herself,

But I found out that grey,

Once suppressed by daily plucks,

Is now with her to stay...

('tis true! Alas, the white hairs are now all too visible & drastic action is not far off!)


She recalled all my gaffes and times

I wish had never been - (just wait till your next important birthday, Dr T!)

But ask her of the Angel’ life

And facts are dreadful’ lean!

(Naturally! What else would you expect from an angel?!)


I recall other friends who lend

Their gen’rous ears to me

To whom I spill my prattling soul

It seems relentlessly


I thank you all for hours you’ve giv’n

To soothe this Agent P

Who now will quiet be for once

To write this poetry!

1 comment:

Ange of the North said...

Pencils in the ears - classic!!

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