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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Waterforms

What a Games! There really have been some amazing, amazing moments. Though Olympic fervour is definitely with the Northern Hemisphere, there are some diehards from Down Under (like myself), who are thoroughly relishing the Winter Olympics and the cool visual contrast it brings to our summer heat...

Everytime I think about Joannie Rochette and her gutsy performance on the ice yesterday, it brings a little juice to the eye. What an incredible woman! As for Team Canada making it to another battle with the USA in the Mens' Hockey - that surely has to be the sort of cliffhanger cum dream conclusion to these Games!!!

We've not seen anything really in the way of Olympic paraphernalia down at the bottom of the world, but we did receive a wonderful parcel with some of those cute mascots from Olympic City! Very cool indeed.

And though we haven't won many medals in the Summery South, the media has reported that these Games have reputedly been the most successful Winter Olympics for Australia. Lydia Lassila (womens' aerials) won Australia's 2nd gold the other day. And Torah Bright (our Opening Ceremony flagbearer) enraptured the hearts of fellow Australians when she won gold in the Halfpipe. And of course, there have been many others who are rising young stars who have done this country proud.

Not bad for a country which normally deals with 'watersports' of a less frozen nature!


Crystal said...

It has been amazing for so many people, hasn't it? Our TV has been on non-stop and Monday is going to be one big change!! Congrats to the Aussies for their medals and dedication to excellence displayed by the whole team.

Ange of the North said...

Yay, Australia! That boxing kangaroo stole my heart right from the beginning! I hope the Aussie athletes weren't too disappointed with the no snow thing... At least the difference in temperature wasn't too extreme! It sure has been a ride to remember.

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