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Monday, March 1, 2010

Gearing Up to Wind Down

My burning desire for the past two weeks has been to get a photo of the Olympic cauldron.
Could I get one? No.
As simple as it sounds, I either didn't get there at all, or couldn't get near it because of the crowds.
So, being the slightly obsessive person that I am, I decided to take my last chance and head downtown first thing this morning.
Here's my 7am shot, taken in grey drizzle.
The Olympic rings floated quietly in Coal Harbour. They were yellow yesterday, as Canada won some golden hardware!
By 8am, hockey fans were lining up outside their favourite pubs to get a seat for the big game at noon. There were even one or two American fans daring enough to carry the stars and stripes in the streets of Vancouver!

There's the famous boxing kangaroo! Yay, Australia!
This is our last day to enjoy the Winter Games and people seemed more than ready to squeeze every drop of celebration out of the day. After the hockey game, there will be the closing ceremonies, and BC Place was getting ready to receive the crowds.
I'm so glad I went this morning. I've had my last hurrah, and now must get back to writing report cards. Quite inconvenient. But the hockey game is on in the background, and it's 2-0 for us in the second period!
Go Canada!!

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Crystal said...

I'm glad you got to go down again and get those good pictures. It's a much quiet week now. I miss all the excitement and constant TV coverage! Bad planning about the report cards - but the best part is having them done, right?!!

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