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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Party Continues

I swore I'd stay away.
And then I said I'd only go on a weeknight. Never on the weekend.
So, where did I go on Saturday night?
Back downtown!
It's an amazing thing. So many of us said that we'd avoid everything Olympic and just watch the Games on TV. We worried about the traffic. We griped about the coming crowds. Some people booked a vacation far from Vancouver.
But somehow, we've been seduced by the excitement. We just can't stay away!
Every conversation starts with, "So, have you been downtown? Have you gone to see the Olympic events?" And almost everyone can say yes.
On Saturday, it seemed as though everyone in Metro Vancouver was downtown, and they all took public transit. The weather was perfect (unless you're looking for snow!). Crowds filled the streets, and everywhere we went, we could hear whooping and hollering. We've never seen anything like it, here in reserved Canada!
How long can we sustain this never-ending street party? Especially with our lower-than-expected medal count? We've still got six days to go!
I suppose the coming rain will send us all back home.


southern ange said...

Oh I love a 'buzzy' place! Glad you got to go DT again. Enjoy the party whilst you can. My advice - revel in it! :) Hope Luongo comes thru for Canada!!! xo

southern ange said...

PS. Weren't Virtue & Moir spectacular in the figure skating ice dancing? A well deserved gold!

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