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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hockey is our Game!

This is what the freeway looked like as I drove home last night at 5pm. How did I make it home in just 20 minutes, instead of a possible 40?
The answer is simple: Olympic hockey! Everyone was busy watching the women's Canada-US game.
I'm really loving these Winter Games!
While I'm thinking about games, medals, and awesome traffic, though, my students are focused on the really important things: the mascots! This well-loved Quatchi was sitting on a desk today.

I'm blown away by our Canadian athletes. The medals just keep coming in, and there were more today. But the big event was the men's hockey game against Slovakia. Just when we thought Canada had it in the bag, the Slovaks poured it on and started scoring. We had just a one point lead at the end, and I think everyone was biting their nails. What a fight to the finish it was! We did win, though, and will play the US on Sunday for gold. I don't know if I can take the suspense!

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