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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friendly Nations - Updated

Woo hoo!
The Canadian women just took their gold medals in hockey against the intrepid Americans. What a game!
I noticed very few smiles from the US women as they accepted their silver medals; I guess it's understandable, as they had just suffered a painful loss. Hopefully, they'll be proud to take that silver medal home with them.
The Canadian -American relationship has always been an interesting one. Living in the shadow of a larger, stronger, and louder nation can make Canadians a little insecure regarding our identity. Who are we? Well, I know who we are, but Americans often have a hard time even knowing where Canada is!
Here's a video that NBC aired at the beginning of the Winter Games to give Americans a heads up.
And now, I'm going to watch women's figure skating.
Go, Joannie!
9:07 pm update
Just watched Joannie receive her bronze medal; wow! What an emotional rollercoaster she's been on this week after the sudden death of her mother. Little Yu-Na Kim certainly deserved her gold with what the commentators called one of the greatest freeskates ever, but I think all of Canada was cheering for Joannie tonight.
How will I ever be able to concentrate on writing my report cards?

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