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Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Excitement

The Canadian men's hockey team is still in the running! We cheered this evening as they beat Russia 7-3. Yay! Another knucklebiting game tomorrow.
Canada's sweetheart skater, Joanie Rochette, whose mother passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, will skate again tomorrow after an amazing performance last night. It was heartbreaking to watch her break down in tears at the end.
Our wonderful ice dancers, Virtue and Moir, had us all captured with their beauty and grace on Monday. They've been skating together since they were only seven and nine years old! !
I'm normally not a huge sports fan, but there's something about the Olympics that gets me watching. I love the emotion, the personal stories, the athletes who overcome huge obstacles, and the teamwork. And it really doesn't matter that we're nowhere near the US medal count. It's all good!
I had wondered if the best was over, but it just keeps getting better!
Except for the weather...

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southern ange said...

Yup! Just about the only time I can be guaranteed to watch the gogglebox is when the Olympics (winter or summer) is on. And didn't the Canadian women get gold AND silver in the sliding too? Loving the feast of pics from all round Vancouver, and making the most of it before the Games end...

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