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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Those Australians!

One week until the opening ceremonies, and the International Olympic Committee has met its match. Finally!
Since Vancouver was confirmed as the host city for the 2010 games, the IOC has been "cleaning house". Businesses and restaurants have been forced to abandon any Olympic symbols and slogans, even if they were part of the original business name for years. Greek restaurants were the worst hit. Non-sponsoring businesses are prohibited from using words like gold medal, Vancouver 2010, and Olympic Games.
And now, the Australian Olympic team has hung a huge flag from their Olympic Village condo. Gasp!
The IOC has requested that it be removed, as it's a registered trademark. The Aussies, of course, say a resounding NO! It's THEIR trademark! At least, until they get an official letter.
I have a feeling that most Vancouverites, who are sick and tired of all the rules, are most pleased with the whole display.
Go Australia!
You can see an interview here.


Whizzed said...

I for one am pleased the boxing kangaroo will stay put, I loved this post, From an Aussie

phyllis said...

Absolutely Love this ; Go you Aussies Go!!!

Whizzed said...

Thanks for your great comment Phyllis

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