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Monday, February 8, 2010

Gearing up for the Games

The Winter Games are drawing near with the opening ceremonies this Friday. We decided to go downtown yesterday with Tim and Lea to see the city all dressed up, before the crowds really hit.
I always love to go downtown, but this was really great.
The Hotel Georgia was wrapped in a giant Canadian flag and the Bay was one huge Olympic advertisement. (There were a number of other buildings all decked out, mostly in advertising) This was not surprising, as the Bay won the contract to dress the Canadian athletes, and we were actually on a mission to purchase a family set of Olympic sweatshirts.
We were unprepared for the frenzy.
Inside the store, hundreds of like-minded customers prowled ruthlessly, all hunting for Olympic shirts. Tourists gathered official Games clothing by the armload; people pushed and shoved (in a polite, Canadian kind of way) looking for what they wanted.
Alas, I came away empty handed due to a lack of reasonable sizes. Should have bought it months ago. Hopefully, my local Bay store will renew their stock in time for the Opening Ceremonies, for I must dress appropriately!
We continued our journey in Stanley Park, where we oohed and aahed over the Olympic rings in Coal Harbour, together with a multitude of other admirers armed with cameras and tripods.
And then we were off to the Burrard Bridge to see the light show.
It was a most satisfying day.

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Southern Ange said...

WOW! I so wish I was there! Am green with envy (not mould!). I will have to enjoy the Games vicariously via you I think!!! Seeing that huge Canadian flag pulled on all my underlying Canadian patriotism...underneath it all...xo

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