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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Olympic Musing

OK, I can handle the lizards. They're fine. But the spiders... a different story altogether. Ugh. Creepy.
I can hardly believe that huge enormous swimming pool is part of the school! It looks like an Olympic facility!
Speaking of Olympic, we're all getting pretty pumped up.
Today, we had a visit from the coach of the Japanese short track speed skating team. Very cool.
I'm contemplating taking my class to see the torch relay come through next Friday, just a few blocks away from the school. Could be fun! Especially if there are no hostile protesters...

The upcoming games have us all feeling a little conflicted. We're excited to see the world coming to Vancouver, but apprehensive about all the chaos and bedlam that could reign in the city. Ticket holders are being warned about waiting for hours in lineups and going through airport-like security for sporting events. Traffic... who knows what our daily commutes will be like? And I'm sure that there will be all kinds of militant protesters doing their thing.
Maybe a trip to Oz would be in order...
I wish.
But no spiders, please.


CaarO said...

Oh, Cool :)

Post me, please :D

Nice blog, congratulations!

Kiss and hugs! ♥

Southern Ange said...

Sorry Ange of the North - Spiders are steeped into the infrastructure of Oz. I'm sure this is where they originated. They're everywhere! Not my fave crawly thing either!!!
Also, though the boys' school does have an excellent swimming venue of its own, the venue the Secondary Schools use is an Olympic standard facility that is not part of the school but a regional facility built especially for such events. Good spotting!
And finally, I think you should go and watch the parade - how cool! History in the making. Go for it!xo

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