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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Real Truth About Snow

Today I went back to school. Ugh. It was so sad to take the plunge and leave my relaxed holiday schedule behind. But... I am so thankful to have a wonderful school to teach at, great colleagues to work with, and a marvelous community to be part of. It's a blessing to have a good place to go back to!

It was lovely to have a white Christmas. I really can't complain! The snow was truly beautiful. HOWEVER... When all that snow gets rained and poured on, when the streets are bounded by huge dirty snowbanks with no space to park, when the ground is covered with slippery, mushy wet slush, it stops being lovely. Just remember that, O Southern Ange, when you think romantic thoughts about snow.
When I left school at the end of the day, the field was covered with crows. It's a funny thing, but almost every day at about 5pm, an enormous flock of them comes to have a party in the neighbourhood. And the cawing - such a noise!

I wonder how the crows feel about snow...?

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