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Friday, January 30, 2009

He's back in Nouveau Zealandia

It's nice to have K back again after his whirlwind trip to Brizzie.
Here is a pic he took this morning from over there.
We spent a lot of time roaming this area not so many years ago.
The weather is pretty much always like this.
In fact, the state's slogan is : Beautiful one day, perfect the next!
It's pretty close to the truth too.
Our kids used to wake up and groan, "Awww....it's sunny AGAIN!"
And then when we went to the Great White North, people thought we were absolutely nuts when our kids got really excited about the rain.
We actually bought gumboots (galoshes/wellingtons) in our first week there......and then had to wait for 6 weeks before we could use it! It was an unseasonally dry year!! :-)


Kezwick said...

So great seeing K, love to hear how he went x Nice to see you got the blog list up and running :) What kind of lens does he use to get such a great pic of South Bank? Very impressive!

Southern Ange said...

K enjoyed seeing you guys too. Thanks for feeding and watering and entertaining him!!! His one social engagement in an otherwise frenetic visit.

Re Southbank - He just had E's wee camera, but stitched it all together as a panorama.

Kezwick said...

Now I need a lesson from you on stitching a panorama shot, sounds complicated, but worth it!

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