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Sunday, January 4, 2009

An Evening in January

What I really like about Christmas Break is the opportunity to spend time with people. The special ones! Yesterday we gathered with Tim and Lea, Phil and Christine, and all the assorted children, to eat together and celebrate Christine's recent entry into the club. You know, that club that you joined a few years ago. And the same one that K just became a member of. The one middle-aged people belong to.... Yeah, that one.
The good news was that Christine had gotten a Pandora bracelet for her birthday. So, guess what Lea and I each gave her - a new bead! Yay!
It was fun. A wonderful wintery evening. There was lots of spirited conversation, yummy roast chicken, and delicious fruity crisp with ice cream for dessert. And then, somehow, we turned on the karaoke which we always thought was pay-per-view, but turned out to be free. And we sang! And sang and sang and sang! We chose 80s classics, ballads, karaoke favorites, and even, to Little Bear's horror, Abba! The funny thing was that LB knew almost every song (He is so good with music!) and had tons of fun singing right along with his parents and aunties and uncles!
Today it has snowed again. All day. With one day left of Christmas Break, I'm wondering what the roads will be like on Monday morning. Maybe it will keep on snowing and we'll have to cancel school for another week!...????
By the way, I have succumbed to the urge to begin another photo project... A picture a day for 2009. I'm pretty sure that Christine is going to do it, too. Are you in?

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