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Monday, January 19, 2009

A Beautiful Day

The sun finally made its long-awaited appearance today, and what a gorgeous day it was! The three guys and I went down to the river and enjoyed all the light and the blue sky. What a relief to lose the thick grey fog! There's still snow around, and the log booms floating in the river looked beautiful with their white toppings. Everyone seemed to be out; I bet there were cameras snapping away all over the city today!

Later in the afternoon, we celebrated Little Bear's 19th birthday. I can hardly believe he's this old - technically an adult! One thing I love about the late teens is watching them morph back and forth between child and adult. One moment they're serious and focused (I think....), making big decisions and showing insightful wisdom. The next, they're on the ground wrestling and giggling over silly jokes. So much fun!

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