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Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year!

I'm pretty sure that the entire world has now joined NZ in the new year. What trendsetters you are down there!!
Happy 2009! I wonder what this year will bring...? So far, there have been technological crashes for you and yet more snow in the Great White North (too bad about your computers and car battery. At least the most important thing is still live - the camera!). World events continue to distress us, and British Columbia (our province) is mourning eight snowmobilers killed in a series of avalanches a few days ago. http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Canada/2008/12/30/7878886-sun.html It can all be overwhelming, but I keep remembering who holds me in his hand...

Last night we celebrated with a small group of old friends at Andrew and Barbera's house. It was lovely, and all the kids had fun, too. Big Bear played piano and we all invented silly new verses to The Twelve Days of Christmas. At midnight we trooped outside with pots and pans to bang in the new year. See the falling snow??

Barbera toasted me as I snapped away.
We arrived home at 4am (!!) in the slippery new snow that just didn't seem to quit. This is the view from my front door before I went inside to bed. After only an hour of sleep, the phone rang - my friend, Lizzette from Costa Rica calling to say happy new year! Have you ever tried to speak Spanish when half asleep at 5am? My meager lingual resources were stretched to the max, but I managed to understand most of what she said. Poor girl, I could only spit out the simplest of sentences and was frustrated by what I wasn't able to say...

Your descriptions of blue sky, sunshine, and ocean are most alluring as I look out at the cold, white, wet landscape. Enjoy it all for me, and Happy New Year to you!

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