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Thursday, January 1, 2009


from the first country in the world to see in 2009...
here's hoping that it will be memorable year for you for all the right reasons, and a year filled with all the very best that life has to offer!
And now, you will just have to imagine the photos I have posted here.
We have been away, and our access to the internet has been limited. But more than that, we have had a technological meltdown to herald in the end of the year....All our computers have declared their intention to take a holiday. What's worse, is that it looks like one of them has an undiagnosable and fatal illness, and will be out of action for a long time...likely forever. The other is barely coping with the new year! Our phone system has also had a significant meltdown, and our entire system has had to be re-initiated (or some such word, meaning that we have had to run around a lot and pick up new pieces and deal for hours with the relevant, but equally baffled, "Customer Services Dept"). And the car chose the best moment to get a flat battery. Flat, like kaput. The nice man who came to replace the battery just shook his head in dismay.
But the cameras have kept on working (though the battery charger suddenly decided that it was going on leave too, giving us need for an electrician's healing touch!). I think we all have a bad case of that end-of-year-itis!
So imagine if you will, the photos I might've posted.
Perhaps, there would be one of us seeing in the New Year down at the waterfront, the Sky Tower lit up with the annual firework display, people sitting at the water's edge on a balmy evening, with lights from the city reflecting in the dark midnight harbour.
And perhaps, there would a beach shot or two. Sandcastles, a BBQ, blue skies, Pohutukawa blossom in all its glory, family, fun in the sun, sand, sea.
And perhaps also, there would've been a photo of some of the remarkable sunsets we have enjoyed. Summer skies, blue and clear. Summer sun, hot and golden. Summer scenes.
Or perhaps I would've shared one of the thousands of photos we have taken so far this summer....
creative shots inspired by E and K's technological know how (which fortunately, is still working!).
And today, on New Year's Day in the Southern Hemisphere, perhaps I would've posted a photo of the most perfect day. From the texts and messages received right throughout the country this morning, it would appear that Aotearoa is bathed in hot sunshine, and clear blue skies - from head to toe. What a spectacular start to a year filled with so many exciting possibilities and promises!

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