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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A funny weather mix, lately... As soon as the sun goes down, the air is full of pea soup! At least, though, the past three days have featured sun! It makes everyone happy, and almost - almost - distracts us from the TRAFFIC! One of the major bridges in the city is closed (due to a fire that burned the wooden structure. OK, it's old!!), and the 80 000 cars that normally use it every day are filling up the other bridges. And highways. And it's very busy...
But do the children care about these things??? Absolutely not! They just want to play!
Maybe grownups should run around and have fun, too!

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Southern Ange said...

I want to run around and play and have fun too...unfortunately, things have been too busy to do that or to post. I will try again tomorrow! Love the pic. Thanks.

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