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Monday, January 5, 2009

Mega pics

Ange of the North
I'm sorry I have been somewhat remiss on the blog lately. Our tech woes have continued, but all looks set to be redressed. Our main computer is no longer. It's innards have been transplanted into another smaller version. However, I discovered to my horror, that a good number of our photos from New Years had been chewed up and spat somewhere out into the Delete Hole. Not only that, but the memory card on my camera keeps telling me that I have an error. Hmm.
I think we have had enough of technological excitement for the rest of 2009!

And my family are patiently waiting for me to post this blog just so that I can share some photos with you before we head off for our summer holiday away. So I need to be quick lest I incur the wrath of all my travelling partners.

I have taken the liberty of downloading a heap of photos - a few glimpses of some of our summer days to date.

See the turtle and car to the left?

The annual fish 'n chips on the beach photo!

Waiting for the fireworks to herald in the New Year

And now, I must bid adieu for awhile.
I will look forward to your postings and may have the op to post en route.

It has been so nice to read your postings of all the family times and your white Christmas! Just so special. Thanks for sharing!
My family are chomping at the bit to be on the road so I must go.
Enjoy the start of school, the remaining snow, and those lovely warm fires!

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Ange of the North said...

The photo loss is a tragedy. I'm so sorry... You'd better work on getting lots of wonderful new ones - I hope the error message isn't something serious to accompany everything else!
Have a ton of fun on your vacation, and a big congrats to Dr K on all the mysterious letters after his name. Could you explain them all to me sometime?

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