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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Salty Week

Here's a non-controversial topic. A happy change from my last two posts...
Southern Ange, I miss your presence at school. We just had the big primary theme week, with an ocean focus. The hallway was all dressed up in blue paper (don't tell the fire marshall!), with ocean creatures swimming everywhere. The regular schedule was suspended and we all participated in oceanic activities, with children in multi-grade groups. Had you been here, you could have been one of the faithful mums helping out all week (except your kids are too old now). And you could have gone out for tea with Angela and her cronies!
Everything went swimmingly.
The children brought beach pails to carry all their supplies and decorated them with foam stickers. At each workshop they went to, they received a tag to hang from the handle. It was very cute. Lots of fun, too!
And what's more, they all learned a lot!
So did their teachers. We could sit you down and tell you all about the ocean zones, different kinds of sea life (love those bio-luminescent creatures!), tides, and the plastic that floats in the Pacific. It's an amazing part of creation.
Here's a cool video to watch that highlights just a few astounding creatures and the ways they adapt to their environment - the octopus at the end is the best!

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