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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ocean ruminations

What a great week you’ve had at school Ange of the North! I would have LOVED to have cruised your corridors – those photos made me feel rather nostalgic! Ocean Week sounded like huge fun and I’m sure the kids learnt a lot! My family enjoyed watching the cool video clip you posted. I had no idea octopi could camouflage themselves so effectively!

I know you’ve finished the week now, but due to a lack of recent photo taking and lack of headspace to ponder the deeper questions of life, I thought I’d share a few ocean-type photos with you…from our trip earlier this year to the Sunshine Coast’s Underwater World.

20100110_2010 Summer hols Sunshine Coast_042_1

 A very cool waterdragon-type seahorse! Isn’t it quaint!



20100110_2010 Summer hols Sunshine Coast_064

Brightly coloured coral etc. 


 Giant Ray


Baby shark growing in a simulated embryo…it was very cool!

And finally, I feel you need a photo of the ocean just to finish off!

20100110_2010 Summer hols Sunshine Coast_079


Anonymous said...

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Ange of the North said...

Thanks so much for posting those photos. I particularly loved the seahorse. Isn't the ocean awesome!! :)

Kerrie said...

Great photos Ange. Boys love going there, the wedding was right beside Underwater world, so we were talking about going again soon. x

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