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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Education

Southern Ange, school is on my mind again; could it be because I spend all my time there?
Controversy seems to be dogging my footsteps this week. Not my personal footsteps, but it's everywhere I look. The current issue is government funding of private education. Care to dive into it with me?
Since 1977, the BC government has been partially funding independent schools. Currently, schools are eligible to received up to 50% of the per-pupil operating costs given to public schools (capital costs are not provided). Schools must go through a rigorous inspection process, employ only certified teachers, and follow the BC curriculum in order to qualify for funding. Only 35% is given to schools who exceed the operating costs per pupil; this would be university prep schools that offer many extra programs and classes.
Public schools are currently facing huge financial constraints due to declining student populations, increased demands from the ministry of education, and... I don't know what else. It sounds pretty bleak. The Vancouver school district has an $18 million shortfall, and 190 teachers are being laid off. Programs such as music are being cut.
And now, the big question: if public education is being threatened by a huge lack of money, should the government cut all funding to independent schools and redirect it to public school districts? Is it right that the province should subsidize the tuition of exclusive, often faith-based schools with public money?
What happens Down Under, SA? And visitors, how about where you live?
Opinions, please! Leave your comments; a little discussion is always welcome!
I'll follow up tomorrow.


Jo said...


I found a great crown file (very princessy and royal) that I can cut for "The Project". What colour were you thinking?

Southern Ange said...

Hmmm...are you getting any sleep these days Ange of the North???! Unfortunately, I would need to do a bit more research into the funding issues; I can't confess to having a good understanding of the pros and cons but can imagine it would be a potentially volatile issue with many legitimate points on either side. Be very interested to hear how it all pans out. Enjoy chewing the fat!xo

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