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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day to Celebrate

We just celebrated a milestone birthday at school: Ellen turned 50!
The staff had a potluck lunch, and at the end of the day, the whole school turned out for a surprise assembly. (A marvelous little actress was sent to interrupt our meeting to frantically report the PE teacher unconscious in the gym. Ellen wasn't sure she was for real, but the fake tears were quite convincing! When we arrived in the gym, everyone was waiting with the surprise.)
I had put together a slideshow that we played for Ellen; I'm pretty certain that our normally stoic principal even shed some tears!
I'm so glad the day went well and that she was surprised. I've laid awake planning and plotting, wondering how it would all come together. And I uncharacteristically put a Rod Stewart song into the slideshow. I really don't like Rod Stewart (especially in leopardskin tights), but the song was just right!
You can see the slideshow here. If you feel like listening to Rod...


Southern Ange said...

Ange of the North/Mrs W, what a WONDERFUL surprise! And what a lot of creative effort you put into making this such a special day for a very special person. I was so excited to read this post and especially to see the video. And then we watched it altogether again. No wonder Ellen shed a tear or two. You did reallllly well my friend!!! I was impressed! You do realise that Principals never forget tho, and payback will be swwwweeeeeeeet! Bring it on! xo

Anonymous said...
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