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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's really and truly spring in Vancouver! I'm not talking about shivery early spring when the blossoms come out but the temperatures say it's still winter. I mean SPRING!
I'm waking up to hear birds singing. Love it.
It's time to put out the annuals in my garden (but that never gets done until school lets up).
And the ants are here!
Every May, the ants arrive at school and come into my classroom.
How do they know it's May? Do they have little ant calendars?
I tell my students it's because they want to learn how to read.
And then this morning, they brought a spider friend with them (not quite as spectacular as the Aussie spiders, but still, a spider!).
Nobody can focus with all these insects wandering around the classroom.
So distracting!

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