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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers’ Day


It’s that day again Down Under.

I’m presuming that it is the same Up There too…? I love Mothers’ Day.

Firstly, because I feel like I can “legitimately” have a ‘day off’ and get spoilt rotten! Princess for a day…..I have some wonderful lads who DO make me feel quite special!

And secondly, because it is an opportunity to focus on some incredibly wonderful people who shape our families and our world.

I lay in bed this morning (listening to my lovely family preparing breakfast in bed for me!), thinking about my mom who is the most dedicated, loving, and sacrificial woman. She would do and give anything for her family, and continues to be an amazing and accepting mother through the thick and thin. And from what I remember of my grandma, she was the same. It’s an incredible legacy that has far reaching benefits beyond one’s immediate family!


And then I thought about the amazing mothers I have had the privilege of meeting over my life’s journey. Many of them have inspired me at some time and in some way to be a better mom. And all of them exhibit a love and a selflessness for their families that is often beyond the ken. To all you wonderful, beautiful mothers out there, I hope you have a truly special day however you choose to spend it.


Enjoy every moment of time spent with your families;

celebrate the privilege of Motherhood!



Ange of the North said...

What a lovely, motherly post! Makes a nice change from dull educational topics... So glad that you were well looked after by the lads! xox

Kerrie said...

Lovely post Ange. So glad you were spoilt and that we got to do something fun with the concert. Glad one of those pics got used so nicely on your blog!

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