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Friday, March 26, 2010

Before and after

Today I was persuaded to join a group of women for some fitness. An hour and a half with a group personal trainer. I wasn’t sure what to expect but decided to do the ‘sticky beak’ thing and check it out.

A bunch of women, 1 toddler in pram, and 1 very fit looking personal trainer….hot, sunny day, blue skies, sunblock, and waterbottles all round. We walked about a kilometre, and did 15 hill sprints. I nearly died at this point. I think I’m related to a beetroot somewhere in my lineage. A very juicy, glowy, beetroot cum couch potato. By the time we got back to the studio, I was dripping. Exercise for some of us, is not pretty. For the next half of the session, we powerkicked and speedkicked and did situps with speed punching, and stretches and all sorts of other wonderful ligament enhancing things. It really was a lot of fun! No, serious, it was! I’ve decided that I REALLY like kicking things. I must remember to do one of these sessions more often after I’ve had a bad week! Deliciously therapeutic.

At the end of the session I had a look at some of the club’s advertising brochures, As i gazed enviously at a photo of a lady in some scanty exercise gears, I glibly passed the comment that if the personal trainer cum owner could guarantee that I’d look like the model in the photo after working out at his studio, then I’d definitely be back….the trainer glanced at the photo and looked somewhat surprised and offended. I guess I should’ve read on further…..I had been admiring the “BEFORE”, rather than the “AFTER” photo!!! Ahem…. Different league. Obviously.

On that note, I won’t be posting any BEFORE and AFTER shots. Be very grateful! Instead, here is a pic of this wonderful bright sky we saw on the way home tonight. We were stopped at the traffic lights, and the sun was illuminating the sky around this big fluffy cloud.
Now, THAT was beautiful!



Kerrie said...

Phew, I thought you were going to reveal you had sneakily been taking photos of us the entire time and were posting them here! Oh hang on that would just be giving you bad ideas for next time!!
Great cloud pic though!
BTW I loved the kicking too, good release!

Ange of the North said...

That sounds positively barbaric! I hope you don't plan on torturing yourself like that regularly! Having said that, kicking things is widely known to be therapeutic. Next time, though, show some photos! :)

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