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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Holiday

Today we went back to school after Spring Break. One more teacher announced her pregnancy - she is number FIVE, and I happen to know that there is one more lurking out there!
But I digress.
Many students were bubbling over with tales of their exciting vacations. Airports, hotels, and exotic Asian locations. And where did I go? Well, I drove for about an hour to a run-down camp, where I spent three happy days creating!
I know that this isn't everyone's idea of wonderful, but I like it. I go twice a year with a motley group of women. We sit and scrapbook until all hours of the night. We get fed delicious meals. The phone doesn't ring; in fact, it's difficult to get cell coverage there. Nobody needs to be looked after. We sleep in funny little rooms with velvet paintings on the wall. Although it's not exactly gorgeous (despite the lakeside location) or exotic, we are as happy as clams. And let me tell you, clams are extremely happy creatures!

I completed a number of pages and started an Olympic mini-album.
Ellen was there,
and so was Barb.
Can't wait till next November, when I get to go back!


Southern Ange said...

Sounds and looks like you had a fabulous (and much needed) break away. All very crafty-ish and all that!! Glad to hear you're back to being gainfully employed again though :) hehe.

And it really does seem like there is something in the water at school....you'd better watch out! xo

Crystal said...

That would be a perfect way to spend spring break for me too!! So glad you got time away being creative. I'm looking forward to seeing that mini-album!! Our schools are on spring break this week - and some time in my studio is on my agenda :))

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