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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flagging Spirits

While you and your Aussie friends bask in the sun, we in the north are indeed springing back to life. This is my favourite time to drive around Vancouver, as many of the streets are lined with Japanese plum trees in full bloom. Frothy and pink. Mmmm! (I know, I used this photo already, but it's so pretty!)
And as I drive, my friendly flag waves happily in the breeze. Sounds nice, doesn't it!
There are still tons of Canadian flags waving on the streets here in Vancouver. As Jodi in Blaine, Washington diplomatically suggested, we can take the flags off our cars, now that the Olympics are over.
But many of us decided to keep them on for the Paralympics. We don't want the Paralympians to feel left out!
And besides, this patriotic thing is kind of new for us. We're liking it! Don't you think it makes my car look happier?


Naomi said...

Hi! Nice to meet you ^_^ indeed the first photo was so beautifull :D btw your car DOES seem hapier hahah
See you soon!

I have the secret to life said...

it seems to happy!

http://balaoing.blogspot.com/ said...

Wow this is very impressive

Anonymous said...
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