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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Olympic Reminiscing

They're over. And now we get back to the business of being reserved Canadians.
The Winter Games were an extraordinary time. They took us all by surprise. No one could have predicted this huge, enormous, gigantic outpouring of enthusiasm, patriotism, excitement, exuberance. We're just not like that!
I was reminded of being at the U2 concert last October. There was something in the air; maybe it was the music that went straight to our hearts. The audience was joyful and filled with something special that I'd rarely experienced before.
That something special resurfaced here, starting with the Olympic torch relay, spreading, becoming stronger, and coming together on Feb. 12 at the Opening Ceremony to ignite us for the next sixteen days.
I think there's something in everybody's heart that longs to be part of a bigger story, a common cause, something joyful. We were made for it. Somehow, Canadians were ready, and the Winter Games sang us a song that reminded us somewhere deep down of this higher calling. And we had a little taste of it.
One day, we'll be part of the real thing, when people from every nation come together in spirit and in truth. What a day that will be! And oh, how we'll cheer.

So, here I am with my Olympic mittens. I love them. They'll always remind me of two special, exciting weeks in Vancouver.
And suddenly, spring is upon us.
Vive le printemps!

1 comment:

Jodi said...

I love it. I live in Blaine WA and just found your blog. We had the Olympic fever here across the border. We went to the bobsled in Whistler. Sooooo fun:) Thanks Canadians for hosting. (you can take the flags off your cars now) hehe!

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