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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cooling off

More abject apologies for taking so long to post more photos. Life continues to swamp me with its endless mountains of paper and admin. So many decisions to make. So many choices to confuse. So much to consider. So many things to see and do. So many people to consult. So much money disappearing into thin air. So many loose ends to tie up. So few hours in a day!

But it IS all an adventure and we WILL get there (she said through gritted teeth)!

Let me share some photos with you from the past few days.

Firstly, a few evening photos from the boys’ new school:

clip_image002 clip_image004


One afternoon, we ended up in a quaint old violin shop. It was the archetypal dusty old shop filled with endless musical treasures and wonderfully mysterious-looking instrumental bits and pieces. Sheet music, old concert posters, the eccentricity of musical ingenuity. I could almost imagine Paginini emerging from a dusty corner with some sheet music and his violin tucked under his arm. Such was the nature of the shop. The highly gregarious Italian owner was certainly not out of place.

E has needed an upgrade of his violin for awhile now. After about 4 hours, a meeting of the local clientele and a thorough gleaning of the local knowledge banks, we emerged one turn-of-the-previous-century German violin richer, and one purse a lot emptier.

clip_image010 clip_image012


We have been for some walks......and not just to check out houses and cars. One of the many lovely inner city parks is the Roma Street Parklands. Brisbane does very well with the development of its parks in my opinion. We walked through on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Again – those trademark blue skies and sunshine. There were people everywhere – picnicking, playing ball, walking, or just enjoying a gorgeous afternoon. I was totally intrigued – we saw trees with autumn leaves right next door to trees with spring blossoms on them! There is a definite blurring of the seasons here!!! And the flora and fauna are so different

clip_image016 clip_image018



Do you like the look of this spider? You can just see K looking up at it in the left photo. What you can’t see, are the millions of tiny lil baby spiders all dotted in the highway of web above. Arachnophobic nightmare!

clip_image024 clip_image026

I know I’ve said this many times before, but Brisbane really does have the most glorious weather in Winter!

This is Brisbane city from Mt Coot-tha. The endless blue sky was so nice.



The boys are getting to grips with the drinking fountains everywhere – a necessity in this sun-drenched land!



And learning how to build huts in the Australian bush!!


Then again, it may be easier to cool off by jumping into a pool


I am happy for summer to take it’s sweet time to come!

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Anonymous said...

Ange, your photography even made our pool, pavers and overgrown backyard look good! M

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