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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The wild life.

Life continues to be a blur.

Please excuse my lack of literary inspiration. Instead, I hope you enjoy the photographic vignettes from here.

Typical Australian wildlife coming up…..


It still amazes me how a large joey can fit all the way into its momma’s pouch…….OUCH!


Lizardy thing that enjoyed coming up close & personal to the camera.


Cassowary – bad tempered, vicious, and ugly


Tasmanian Devil – doesn’t have the best eating manners. Eats carrion.


‘Orrible squiggly things….ugh!

P1110172a P1110173a


Saltwater croc


Echidna – hyperactive, snuffly hedgehoggy lookalikes


My fave is the koala (sometimes known as the “Koala bear'” – but it is a marsupial and therefore not a bear at all. I think the ‘bear’ bit comes from it looking cute, furry, and cuddly) P1110230

And my own wee ‘bear’ being croc fodder!

1 comment:

Kerrie said...

Great pictures of your day at Australia Zoo Ange, even in the 'blurry' life moments your in!
I love having you here in Oz Ange xx

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