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Monday, July 6, 2009


Life as a “Womate” (see “Hopping over the ditch” post) presently involves a lot of HUNTING.

We have spent a goodly amount of time hunting.....for houses to buy/rent (how hard can it be to find something that doesn’t have 101 other people wanting it too?); food (so how was I supposed to know that the supermarkets shut at 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays?!); directions (since when did this road become a motorway?!); cars (I just want the cheapest red one you’ve got that goes, thanks); and all sorts of other stuff. You name it, we’ve searched for it this week! Nut free products, itchy-scratchy cream (on account of the voracious flesh-biting ants we seem to have somewhere in our apartment), the library, that important piece of paper I put somewhere very, very safe....


But it hasn’t been all work and no play.



We have made sure that we are out and about enjoying the glorious winter weather. Each morning, my husband flings back the curtains and jokes happily, “Oh, it’s another dreadful day again today...!” And each time, I find myself being somewhat surprised to see the clear blue sky and warm sunshine streaming in....yet again! It just doesn’t fit with my concept of winter.

But who’s grumbling?! Bring it on, I say!


So today, we were meant to be doing the hunting-thing for cars.

BUT the weather being what it was, and the fact that we really aren’t very dedicated hunters, meant that we ended up stopping off at a beautiful park with the most wonderful playground and enormous wooden fort! The pic above is entirely ‘fort’!


Briz does have some fabulous parks, and they’re not just for kids either!

The pictures speak for themselves:

clip_image012 clip_image014

clip_image016 clip_image018

clip_image020 clip_image022

clip_image024 clip_image026

I don’t think the locals consider the weather to be quite as warm as we ‘imports’ feel however.....I overheard one mom saying to her kids, “It’s time to get going....I don’t want you kids to get too cold!” The temperature HAD dropped to about 20degsC. Plastered, is how I would describe L’s hair after his stint at the fort....


And we have been treated to some magnificent sunsets this week. Really and truly, we can’t complain!



1 comment:

blonDee said...

Wow, what glorious sunsets! Can I have copies... I'll add them to my file of things I definitely want to paint.The "fort looks an intresting place to unwind"
4 weeks to go b4 I'm basking in your lovely company & weather. Will sleep on couch if accomodation not settled. :) Love 2 u all.

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