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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weather fit for snakes


This week, the weather forecast was for rain every day.

On Tuesday, there was a hint of a drizzle for a wee patch. It wasn’t heavy enough to deter us from walking a kilometre into town without any rain protection...since we don’t possess an umbrella or raincoats at the moment.

Our friends tell us, that when there is a light drizzle, often outdoor games of sport are cancelled because Queenslanders are a little wary when the sun isn’t shining!!! Or so the story goes anyway...


Yesterday (Wed), our first visitors from NZ were arriving. We awoke to the status quo - blue skies and sun. Hurray! The Sunshine State lives on. By the afternoon, it was a little cool, but the rain was nowhere to be seen.


And today (Thurs), there is absolutely NO hint of precipitation anywhere! Here endeth the week of rain, I believe!

Jenny & Ian, you are documented as our very first overseas vizzies since we arrived in Briz! It was so nice to see you both!


It was lovely to wander around Southbank & Kangaroo Point cliffs – some of our favourite haunts from times past.



We also happened upon some circus entertainers who had all their equipment out for use by the general public.

Free use, free advice, free play! Cool!!!


The big scare of the day though, was when the boys and I were walking to Southbank and we happened upon our first snake for this period.


Coming from good old Kiwiland, which is strictly snakefree (hurray!), the snake is one creature which is top on my “Iggly” List. I don’t like snakes. Horrible creatures. I do have a morbid fascination watching them writhe and wriggle, but they are the kind of thing that I’m happy NEVER to see again. EVER!


I found it unusual to happen upon a snake in winter, and such a good sized one at that. It looked to be about 2-3m long.


Couldn’t tell if it was smiling or not.




That’s my snake quota for....ever, thanks. Yuckkk.

Happy to stick to cute, cuddly, and furry.


KS said...

I must admit I looked at the photos and envied you. Sunshine, beautiful scenery. Waw! Until I saw the slithering thing that is ... Eeeewww .. Lots of love from rainy Auckland

Anonymous said...

We learnt in church yesterday that May 2009 was the coldest May in Chch since 1926 - no snakes here thankgoodness. SM

Southern Ange said...

So sorry to hear about the inclement weather over your way, KS and SM! Will post some nice sunny pics later on, to send you some virtual sunshine!! But am not gloating cos I know that very, very soon, we are going to be melting into big globby lumps here whilst you enjoy a beautiful summer... xo

Kezwick said...

I have to admit Ange I was quite sceptical of your story of seeing a snake in our Southbank!! But the photos are proof, I'm in shock, only wish we were there so my reptile loving sons could have seen it!!

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