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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Trip

Thank you, Southern Ange, for the lovely birthday wishes! And you too, Crystal!
I woke up on the big day in beautiful Coalmont, hamlet of eclecticism. I particularly love the pair of ancient pickup trucks that live permanently outside the former mining office. Big Bear gave me a blue iPod Nano; I adore the thin design and couldn't wait to get it home to fill up with music!
Big Bear and I drove leisurely, after breakfast at the Chinese restaurant in Princeton (not a recommended breakfast spot!), through the Similkameen Valley, past orchards and vineyards, and arrived in early afternoon at the American end of Osoyoos Lake. Our friends, Dan and Elizabeth, had a campsite all ready for us and we planted ourselves at the lake. I marked my birthday by trying out their jet ski for the first time. Pretty nice!
The hot, hot weather kept us by the water just lying around lazily. This was a true vacation! (except for the tent and having to walk to the washroom...)

On the third day, the storm arrived. With thunder, lightning, and rain, we decided to visit some local wineries. It was lovely sitting on the deck watching lightning as we drank a local chardonnay and ate cheese!
There have been some pretty big forest fires around BC and the lightning wasn't helpful. We even passed a small one that was started that morning; a couple of helicopters with water buckets were working to put it out.

The following morning, after a wet night, we packed up and hit the road. On the way, we had a gorgeous lunch in Osoyoos at the Inkameep winery and resort looking over the lake. They have created a beautiful oasis in the desert!
Home again. And time to get back to the car shopping. We saw the Honda Fit today, which actually did fit us, and the Nissan Versa. What to do???


Crystal said...

Meeting friends while on vacation is always fun! It sounds like you had fun together. Good luck with your car shopping!

Southern Ange said...

SO nice reading about your birthday and trip - like being on virtual holiday! And you can't be THAT old if you can still gad about in a 'kini top, Young Thing! :-)

Enjoy the car hunting. We have now chosen and bought our 2 cars (but only have possession of 1 so far!). I had major collywobbles after we put $ down for the 2nd car...can't say I enjoy spending so much $ on a hunk of metal and some wheels! Can't say I envy you the decision. Much rather go shopping for food myself.

Go well! xo

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