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Friday, June 26, 2009

Zippping along

Of COURSE we’re missing you all! This is a quick post before we head on out again to do more of THOSE ERRANDS (and liquidate ourselves of more $). I will post more photos soon, but for now (since the family is chomping at the bit with cabin fever) this will be necessarily brief! P1100486

You may wonder what this is. It was a touching farewell gift from a caring friend, who was concerned about the state of the (un)zipping mechanisms on my jeans! For those who are not in the know, not so long ago, I had trouble trying to extricate myself from my jeans in a moment of (great) need. A good friend who shall remain nameless, was a tower of emotional support as we scoured the restaurant (we were at) for suitable material in which to release me from my perilous situation…..forks, toothpicks, anything we could ferret away to the ladies’  washrooms was er, ferretted away. Unfortunately, there are very few things which can meet the need of a working zipper. Fortunately, the wire holding my camera SD card keyring fitted quite nicely…..thus extricating my release (in more ways than one). Since then, this story has been repeated with many embellishments, most of which are untrue (but provide good entertainment). And the keyring has remained on my favourite pair of jeans, for essential services. Till now. The Ozzie Adventure heralds a new day. And new mechanisms for coping!!

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