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Monday, July 20, 2009


Summer is here. And what have I accomplished??
I have finished two books. One good, one OK.
I have gone car shopping until my head spun - and it still is spinning. I don't like playing the game. (What kind of car did you finally decide on? Tell me what I should get!!) This red baby is my favorite, but I'm not sure about a Hyundai. Or new versus used. Aaagghh!

I have sweltered in a motorcycle campground.
I have dallied with wannabe school administrators and talked leadership at ELDI.
I have dabbled with a Jessica Sprague online photoshop course.
I have cleaned Tim 'n' Lea's old house as they moved into the spectacular new one, looking over the ocean.
I have neglected my garden.
I have spent two lovely days at Greg 'n' Erin's lakeside cabin.
And now I must pack the camping gear once again, for tomorrow I join Big Bear in Coalmont. After I hopefully pick up my new glasses with old-people lenses! We will then head to the US side of Osoyoos for the week. I hope the customs officials don't fuss about our non-machine-readable passports. (Really, some of those people are intolerable.)


Southern Ange said...

Sounds like a good holiday Ange of the North! We are still sorting our cars and theoretically, should already have one in our garage...BUT bureaucracy being what it is down here, we are still waiting for delivery of our first car. However, I can tell you, that our first choice (a Toyota) is a very similar colour to your Hyundai choice! And we went for 2008 - NEAR new!

Have a great time away! And don't forget that essential celebration on the 21st! Will be thinking of you....:-) xo

Crystal said...

You've packed alot in to your summer already! I hope the camping trip goes well - take some pictures to show us, okay?!! And car shopping - I just want the thing home without all the standing around, looking, discussing, wheeling and dealing, etc. !!

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