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Sunday, August 3, 2008

PS. to Trialling the Music Clips

Some of you commented that you found the wee 214KB clip of the Rumba Toccata in "Trialling the Music Clips" , too blocky and unclear (picture wise).

And others have asked for a clip of the Grand Finale concert performance.

Well, here is the posting that combines both those requests!

This clip is only a little larger but the Rumba Toccata performance is a whole degree better, in my opinion. If perchance, it is a bit jumpy the first time, let it download fully, before clicking the play button the 2nd time. It should play a lot better after that.

Let us know how this one works for you!



Anonymous said...

My Lord above this child is brilliant, well done his parents for sharing him with the world, stay with feet firmly planted, your music will do the teaching, my Lord what a pleasure. I'll be back for more.

Anonymous said...

Love your playing E. That was amazing.
Aunty Jacqueline

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