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Saturday, August 9, 2008

They're Back!

It's a wonderful thing to have a brother in town. Especially when he comes with a wife and kids! I have really liked having Tim and Lea local again. Even though it takes 50 minutes to get to their house, it's good to know they're here.

Poor Tim. The day after the moving truck dumped all their boxes and furniture in the new house, he had to search out a shirt and tie for a media interview, representing the whole police force on a politically sensitive issue. Sounds like stress.

Lea and I went out for lunch together - kidless! - for the first time in a billion years. Like, since we've both had children! And we both spent our birthday money from my mum on new Pandora beads!!
We celebrated sweet Chrissie's 11th birthday yesterday. It was wonderful to be together, though we missed Andrew, who is working on a farm in Alberta. The true Canadian cowboy! Chrissie got a violin for her birthday - she desperately wants to play. Maybe E could give her some lessons...?

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Southern Ange said...

So nice to see the photos and hear that you and Lea got to have some time together! Wonderful! Will have to have an updated photo of the bracelet now that its grown again...E's impressed that your niece is learning the violin!

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