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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Staff Retreat

It is always a wonderful thing to go off on our staff retreat, just before the real chaos of students assaults our sparkly clean school. We reconnect after the summer break and turn our focus back on the large goals of teaching. And, of course, we have fun! The staff headed out to Loon Lake on Monday morning (I'm guessing that there must be at least 30 Loon Lakes scattered throughout Canada!) and stayed at a wonderful conference centre out in the forest. Ellen, Kerri, and I went off on a "walk" that ended up taking us all around the lake for two hours of hiking up, down, and over fallen rainforest logs. We felt so very victorious when we finally trudged back to the lodge!

1 comment:

Southern Ange said...

So good to hear that the staff get to have fun too... Wonderful victory pose!

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