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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Return to Routine

It's kind of over. Although we don't have students until Sept. 2, I have returned to school and am already wallowing in papers and unfinished jobs. And I haven't even started on my classroom, yet! Oh, well. At least there is still a little bit of flexibility in my schedule!

Little Joe is at camp, in charge of a cabin full of 9 year old boys. Gulp! Little Bear is in his last week of work, looking forward to youth camp next week, and then Bible College for the year. He will be taking a music program, which thrills him no end! And Big Bear is frantically trying to complete as much as possible in his last week of holidays.

If you have ever visited Nienie's blog (there's a link on the right), you will be saddened to hear that she and her husband were seriously injured in a small plane crash on the weekend and are badly burned. I've never met her, but as a blog reader, I feel like I know her - from a distance. Don't you think that the internet makes the world much smaller?? It's interesting to start thinking about the relationships that happen because of it, while at the same time it creates distance between people. Fascinating.

The weather has gone to grey and gloomy with rain; it's nice to remember where we were a week ago - with our friends, Barbera and Andrew at their cottage on Deka Lake. Peaceful and beautiful.


Southern Ange said...

Very sad to hear about Nie and her husband. Life chucks some awful curve balls at times, doesn't it?! So this news got me thinking about your comment that the www shrinks our world...so true...but does it create distance, or does it just accentuate distance?

Jo said...

It's amazing how connected we can feel to people we've never met but seemingly "know" from reading about their lives almost everyday online. I'm sad about Nie.

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