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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pride and Spelling

The countdown to class is on!
After four days back in school, I went today to the annual spelling workshop. I think that this is my seventh time. As I compel the other teachers to attend every third year, I figure that I'd better show up, myself. Even after going so many times, I always like to think about those predictible spelling rules. There's something wonderful about language! Did you know that there are five reasons why a word might end with a silent final E? Or that I and O may say their long sound when followed by two consonants? It's heady stuff, I tell you!
However delightful spelling may be, sitting from 9am to 5pm makes for a tiring day, especially when followed by an hour-long freeway free-for-all. I arrived home rather fatigued and ready for some relief. After digging in the garden for half an hour, I came in for a favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice.

At this moment, Elizabeth and the hateful Caroline Bingley are "taking a turn around the room", while Mr. Darcy states that his "good opinion, once lost, is lost forever." Sigh. Pure pleasure!

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Southern Ange said...

Hey...sounds nice - watching P&P after a long day of high powered linguistics! Wasn't this the movie we caught together on an icy evening in Coq? Brings back memories! I'd much rather be watching P&P too...instead of writing up assignments! Back to it!

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