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Thursday, August 7, 2008


The day after we got back from Coalmont, Big Bear and I were invited to go with our friends, Gerry and Shauna, to Birch Bay, across the US border. There are tons of resort-type areas in Birch Bay, for those who can't afford the multi-million dollar mansions looking out over the ocean. And one of these resorts (only 5 minutes from the ocean) is where Gerry and Shauna recently bought a lot and a little single-wide mobile home to put on it. After Coalmont, where anything goes, it was an extreme contrast to be in a community with all the neat and tidy little lots, perfect homes and trailers, sweet little gardens, and billions of rules. It is populated mostly by retired people, some of whom live there full time, and they all get together for activities at the clubhouse or on each other's patios.Are you ever tempted to save corks from wine bottles?? One of Gerry and Shauna's neighbours has saved a few. In her perfect little "wine shed" (complete with sink, counter, and wine glass racks), she has created a unique ceiling with corks. This may be a good project for your old age!
Of course, we couldn't go to the US without shopping! Gerry was raring to buy a radial arm saw, so we all traipsed through the big box store (one we don't have in Canada). I was slightly amused by the big flag hanging from the ceiling; would you see that kind of thing in NZ?I preferred to buy cheese at Costco (so much cheaper!!) and of course, made a special visit to the local scrapbook store. It felt like a real holiday!

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