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Monday, June 9, 2008

Stepping out to new worlds

Though the South Islanders had their first dump of snow over the weekend, the North Island remained sunny, crisp, and autumnal. We are so glad that our boys are now of the age where we can go exploring on foot for miles and they don't seem to mind too much...especially with interest factors along the way (like swans, large fat geese, pukekos, cockerels, carp, eels, and various varieties of ducks and other birds). I've always been fascinated by the large signs at this park - "No Fishing/Hunting" accompanied by pictures of fish, ducks, and eels! Judging by the VERY HEALTHY size of the geese, ducks, eels and fish at this park, one supposes they could be rather tasty temptations for some!

Our walk took us exploring native bush, open fields and paddocks, along boardwalks and grassy paths, and along stream edges until we got to the sea. I am grateful for living in a country where one can safely explore to one's heart's content, and where the air is clean, nature is still natural, and beauty is free!


today is the last day of K's stint down South, and the FIRST DAY that he no longer has any training time to do! Stepping out...


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