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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Five on Friday

I know, it's not Friday - again. But this time, it really was a busy week. In fact, that's what this week's Five on Friday is all about. Sorry it's so long... kind of like my week!

Five Very Intense Days

1. Monday - At school, we found out that a little 3 year old boy in our school community had been one of two toddlers found in a swimming pool on Sunday evening at a large family gathering. Little Andrew was in the ICU at Children's Hospital in very serious condition. It was really hard to focus on finishing up and editing report cards that day. In the evening, a few teachers went to the hospital just in time for the announcement that he had no brain activity and that he would likely be taken off life support within the next 24 hours. In the midst of all this, a there was a big dinner at the school, organized by a number of grade seven parents, to say farewell to those students who were leaving to go to public high schools. There was tons of food, speeches, unique gifts for the middle school teachers, and interesting grade seven microphone moments. It was a very taxing day.
The only photo that I took on Monday was of the cool drums that have come to live at our house, part of Little Joe's exciting new purchase of Wii Rock band.
2. Tuesday - I don't remember much of the day at school, except that it was very intense, getting all the report cards edited and we had a really good primary department meeting. After school, I had to spend a very long time in the car driving to meet Big Bear and his mum, Monika, who is now staying with us for the summer. After a trip to the pharmacy and an hour's wait, and a visit to pick up stuff from her house, I got home with 15 minutes to spare, made dinner, and rushed out to take photos at a baby shower for a mum in recovery. I loved the sweet little shoes she got!

3. Wednesday - We heard that little Andrew had surgery to remove organs destined for five people; this was his official passing. I am intrigued by the thought of his heart sustaining someone's life and other families being overjoyed at the sudden news of transplant surgery. I hope that they are all successful. The saddest thing was that Andrew's family would go home for the first time since Sunday and return to a house full of his life. The second little boy from the pool is still hanging on; please pray for both families.

After school, I rushed home to prepare the house for a staff party. It was really fun! Our colleague, Ed, brought his XBox and a whole load of karaoke discs. Bonnie sang "Fame", and stole the show!
4. Thursday - The big day! After a full day of meetings, I rushed home (yet again) to prepare myself for the grad ceremony. Little Bear walked across the stage in cap and gown, and received his certificate. He's finished! I love this photo of him with the three school principals he has had since Kindergarten.

5. Friday - I had to drag myself out for a 9am breakfast meeting - so tired. This was the last day at school, and it was mostly spent making plans for our return in August and finishing up my classroom for the summer cleaning. And then, yes, I rushed home to prepare for the grad party we hosted! It was so much fun to have the kids over; they are really great (in case I've never said that before!!). In addition to the grade twelves, we had a few of their parents, and therefore, younger siblings. I don't imagine that many groups of graduates would be overjoyed at having a party with parents and little kids present, but these ones were perfectly happy. We had lots of food, for those boys who can't get enough of it, the pool, computer games, and Rock Band. They had a ball! And at the end, almost every single one of them came and thanked me for having them. I'm so grateful for the awesome class Little Bear has been a part of, and it was such a pleasure to have them over.

Today, it is Saturday. The first day of my summer break, and the weather is perfect. However (dun dun dun), I start my summer course next week and have a ton of reading to do before it starts. And hopefully, I'll be able to do at least part of a book review, too.

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Southern Ange said...

Sounded like a frenetic finish to the end of the year! Glad the sun has come to the party for you. Enjoy your 2 days of calm before the next onslaught...:-)

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